At Saint Paul’s…

We are a warm and accepting community of friends, caring for each other as we walk together on the Christian journey.

We are open-minded and open-hearted, following in the footsteps of Jesus by welcoming ALL people—no exceptions!

We enjoy the energy and spirit that children and families bring to our community.

We cherish children so that they learn they are cherished by God.

Through worship, we open ourselves to God and each other, being uplifted by  the beauty, traditions, and music in our services.

We value curiosity, inquiry, and discernment, and admit that we do not have all the answers as we explore the big questions of life.

Our members turn to each other for support as they work and serve in the name of Christ. We promote respect for the dignity of every human being through local and global social justice initiatives

More about being a member of Saint Pauls

  • Baptism
  • Confirmation
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Pledging

Historical Connections…

  • St. Paul’s Schools
  • St. Paul’s Historic Cemetary
  • The Desiderata