Music in our Worship

As Bishop Sutton recently stated, “Good worship consists of its own three legged stool: music, liturgy, and preaching. Each leg of that stool is important.” In the church today, the role of our music program is two-fold. First and foremost, it provides leadership by supporting the congregational singing of our hymns and other service music. Second, a music program provides a sense of heightened spiritual and intellectual understanding of the message and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We know that Christ’s message of love can be both simple and profound, and like his message, great worship music can offer both an immediate connection to the Gospel as well as glimpses of the sublime and mysterious. Whether it is the simplicity of a familiar hymn-tune or the transcendental effect of a beautiful choral anthem, we are hopeful that the music program at Old St. Paul’s will add enrichment to our collective worship experience.

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